the Chatbot? 

Chatbots and Timers are an important part of Twitch campaigns on Wehype. Many streamers use Nightbot or Moobot but the procedure is almost identical: enter your Chatbot's dashboard and create a custom command that includes the requested terms and messages. Some campaigns may also require a repeated message to be played by the Chatbot in certain intervals, this can usually be found under “timer” or “timed messages” in your Chatbot settings.

a Panel Banner? 

It is important to visually represent the brand you are representing. On Twitch, the streamers panel boxes are the perfect place to do exactly that. Simply use the graphics provided by Wehype in the campaign details and add it into the first top left panel of your Twitch channel page during the sponsored segments.

the Stream Title? 

Not really, the only thing to keep in mind is to add #sponsored or #ad into your stream title during the sponsorent segments, as this is a legal requirement in almost every country.


Some campaigns require you to include a specifically designed stream overlay on your stream scenes. This is usually done by adding a new Browser Source in your streaming software (most people use OBS and XSplit). Copy paste the given link and adjust the size/position as requested in the campaign details et voilà: you are good to go!  

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